The Best Dog Sitters Near You

When a pet owner goes out of town, they do not want to leave their pets alone at home. However, these circumstances cannot always be avoided because taking your pet with you is not always practical. With this, Pet Sitting Charlotte NC is the best option for you and your dogs.


Now, if you’re wondering how to choose the best dog sitter for your pet to look after when you’re away, here are some guidelines that are worthy of your time.

Request referrals from relatives and friends. 

A referral from a trustworthy family member or friend is the best form of assurance. In addition, asking other pet owners for their own experiences and ideas is a significant starting step in selecting a dog sitter. This will allow you to learn from their experiences and narrow down your choices.

Do some research on the internet.

It is not always possible to receive a personal referral. Good thing the internet has a lot of data to share when finding the best dog sitter for your pets. The internet can provide you with a list; if you’re determined enough, you will find reviews and other information about your target pet sitters.

Meet the person who will be caring for your dog. 

Meeting the one who will be responsible for your dog in person is a vital step in selecting a dog sitter. Look for someone who is active, passionate, and has a genuine passion for dogs. If possible, let them meet your dogs before accepting a booking.

Look for quality skills. 

A qualified dog sitter should be willing to talk about their training, have solid emergency procedures in place, have a good relationship with area veterinarians, and be reachable by phone and email at all times.

Take into account your dog’s individual needs. 

When selecting a dog sitter it’s crucial to think about your dog’s needs. Do they suffer from any medical conditions? Is it necessary to administer medication? What is their regular home behavior? What is their typical day like? It’s critical to choose a pet sitter who can meet their specific requirements and faithfully follow their schedule for them to feel at ease.

Consider the location. 

You should also consider how convenient the location of your dog sitter is. When you’re hurrying to the airport, dropping your dog off half an hour away might be a big pain. Hiring a dog sitter from your town will also save you from commute fees which will be added to the service costs.  

Your dog sitter must be capable of providing you with peace of mind

When picking a dog sitter, the most crucial factor to consider is whether or not you will be able to relax while you are gone. Always find a sitter you can trust to provide the greatest care for your dearest buddy.


  •         Pets are kept at home. 

The first benefit of hiring a pet sitter is that your dogs can stay in their own house and follow their routine. There’s no need to adjust anything. Depending on your pet’s personality, boarding might be a very stressful experience for them. Hiring a pet sitter will avoid this situation, allowing you to rest while you are away and preventing your pets from being frightened and nervous.

  •         Reduced likelihood of becoming ill 

If you put your dogs in a boarding facility, they are more likely to become ill due to exposure to possible infected animals. For example, is the one commonly known as “bordetella,”. Once infected, dogs return with highly contagious symptoms such as fever, lethargy, and cough. You can avoid this risk by leaving your pets with a pet sitter at home.

  •         Your pet is safe and in good hands.

When you hire a professional pet sitter, you can rest assured that your pets will be well cared for. This is because they thoroughly understand pet health, behavior, and first-aid training. They would be able to distinguish between emergency and non-emergency circumstances. And thanks to their first aid training, they would also know how to react.

  •         A relaxing and non-stressful experience 

Pets can also feel separation anxiety. This is more likely to happen if they are left in a boarding facility, and rescued pets frequently have separation anxiety. Despite the fact that most boarding facilities provide quality activities for your pets to help them relax, a pet sitter can provide them more attention because they are only focused on your pet.

  •         Pet sitters are capable of multitasking. 

When you hire a pet sitter, they can help take care of your pets while also looking after your home. They can also check the mail, water the grass, and perform minor home jobs if necessary. If you want to let your pet sitter perform other tasks, such as housework, we recommend discussing this with them before hiring.

  •         Flexibility 

You can hire your pet sitter whenever you want. If you have a busy work week, your professional pet sitter can come by in the afternoon to walk your dog. Another advantage is that you can rely on them if you’re traveling out of town for an extended period and know that your pets will be adequately cared for.


All dog owners want a flexible, trustworthy, and highly professional dog sitter who can provide your pet the best quality care. But what kind of quality services do dog sitters offer? Here are the core values of our dog services at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking that you should know:

Personalization – We personalize services according to your dog’s needs, personality, and comfortability. This includes feeding, special exercises, and dog habit schedules that will be appropriate to your dog’s nature. 

Socialization – We are known for providing opportunities for exercise and play with other fur friends when the owner is too busy for playtime. Our expert dog sitters have the skills and abilities to pet dogs and treat them like our own family. Not only that, walking your dogs with other co-pets lets them be exposed to various breeds, which eventually help them learn to socialize. 

Service Consistency – We always provide consistent service to make them feel at ease, especially when doing pet-related fun activities, feeding schedules, and administering pet medications. We provide lots of tender loving care from our pet-lover family. 

Service Flexibility – Our new dog sitting services are accessible even during last-minute reservations or unexpected appointments. We also allow extended visit schedules to let our pet owners spend extra time with their dogs. 

Best Dog Sitter Near You

There are a lot of pet sitting Charlotte NC, that you can find from various sources on the internet and even in the locality. But, if you want to experience the best dog sitting services for your dogs, don’t hesitate to call now and book an appointment! We are happy to serve you and your dog in Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking. Visit our website for the various animal pet services-related information or call us to set an appointment!