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Dog Boarding Resort, Doggie Daycare, & Training Kennel in Charlotte, NC

Conveniently located right in the heart of the Charlotte Metro community we offer quality doggie day care in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. Our services include dog boarding, doggie day care, and dog training. Whether you are going out of town, you work long days at the office, or you have a day full of errands, no matter what the reason, Animal People is sure to have your furry friends taken care of.

Animal People Dog Boarding & Day Care is dedicated to keeping all dogs safe and happy while ensuring they are cared for in the comfort of our 9,000 square foot facility. We accept all dogs of all sizes, all temperaments, all breeds, and all energy levels! We also provide our dog boarding and doggie day care services accordingly. We are not an all-day play facility as we believe dogs need a rest just like we do, and there is a balance to everything.

Overnight Dog Boarding Near Me

Dog Boarding

We board all dogs according to their size, behavior, and energy levels. We have 4x4 kennels, 4×6 kennels, and 5×8 kennels. Each room comes with a nice dog bed, a plush mattress and a water bowl. We do our best to ensure each dog gets a restful night sleep and good nap during the day if they choose to.

Doggie Day Care

We have 3 large indoor yards and 3 large outdoor yards. Each dog will receive ample playing time and nap time. We also have plenty of activities inside the play yards and plenty of mental stimulation techniques as well. Experience the difference with Animal People's Doggie Day Care center!

Dog Training

Transform your dog with our professional dog training classes. We help with leash training, counter surfing, helping with jumping and so much more. Be able to have more peace-of-mind with your canine regardless of the situation. We offer one-on-one dog training and group classes.

Dog Sitting

Our in-home dog walking and dog sitting services provide you and your best friend with a service that you can rely on. No more worrying about your reliable dog because they are provided with little attention and room at a kennel because we love dogs.

Dog Walking

Our dog-walking visits are customizable to your family’s needs. Our dog walker and pet sitters provide your furry friend with love and care that keeps them happy, while getting them outdoors to enjoy some fresh air.

Pet Sitting

With us, you're guaranteed that a knowledgeable pet sitter will spend quality time with your pet by giving them care, playing with them, feeding them, cleaning their area, and whatever else we agree on.

We understand every pet has different standards, which is why we provide customized in-home pet sitting services.

What to Expect as a Pet Parent

As The Leading dog boarding & daycare place In The Area, We Proudly Offer Top-Of-The-Line Pet Care Services For You And Your Best Friends. Since We Carefully Have Laid Out Our Facility For Their Comfort, Your Pets Are Happier, Experience Less Stress, & Receive Individual Care And Loving Attention.

Why Animal People Dog Boarding & Day Care?

At Animal People, we understand that it’s hard to be away from your dogs. So, we ensure to treat them with the highest possible care and treat them like we do our own. Our experienced and caring staff is available to provide loving dog boarding and dog day care in the comfort of our facility where we have worked really hard to make it extremely comfortable for all dogs.

If you have any questions about how we can help you, reach out to us today.

Dog Boarding & Day Care in Charlotte NC

As pet owners, you can have peace of mind knowing that when you are away or gone for a vacation, your pets are taken care of with the love, care, and attention they require. We strive to have more fun than you every day at our facility.

We understand that every situation is different which is why we provide personalized pet care tailored to your pet’s needs and routine. We can help try and make sure that while your furry friends are here we keep close to their routine at home as much as possible!

In order to complete these tasks, we strive to build a relationship with your pet so that when you’re away or on vacation, your pet can get excited to see a familiar face. Every animal has a different personality, and we can’t wait to get to know them and build our own best friends with them!

Contact us to set up a free consultation today to discuss how Animal People can help you.