House Sitting Service in Charlotte, NC

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Though we specialize in caring for animals here at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog walking, we don’t mind helping out those without pets, too! Are you planning on going on vacation and are needing someone to look over your home while you’re gone, then we offer a full range of house sitting services:

  • Bringing in the mail & packages
  • Watering the plants
  • Bringing the trash to the curb
  • Make sure your home is secure
  • Rotate the lighting
  • Check all appliances

At Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, we understand the importance of wanting to feel secure in knowing that your home is going to be in good shape when you get home. That is why we are here to provide whatever house sitting services you are in need of.


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Though there are not any animals your sitter needs to get acquainted with, we still require a complementary Meet & Greet prior to you house sitting services. This Meet & Greet is primarily used to run though a checklist of items you are wanting us to complete while you're gone and also get an idea of where everything is located in the home. Call today to get your Meet & Greet scheduled before you leave for your trip!

Our basic house-sitting services start at $15 per visit.

We offer house-sitting services during 4 different time slots of your choosing:

We recommend at least one visit per day. Call today to schedule!

  • Breakfast

    7am to 10am

  • Mid-day

    11am to 2pm

  • Dinner

    3pm to 6pm

  • Late Evening

    7pm to 9pm

Watering The Plants = No Problem

While many people consider house sitting mainly as a means to house and pet sit while the owners are on vacation, house sitting can be much more than that. House sitters and house sitter associations say house sitting is an excellent alternative for house and plant care while you're away for a few days or even months at a time.

Good house sitters like Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking care for houseplants just as house owners would. Hiring a reputable house sitting company to care for the plants while you are away is helpful to maintain the health and provide the regular needs of the plants. This includes watering them and bringing indoor plants out for sunlight exposure.

Have you ever wondered if house sitting is actually good for your house? Have you thought that house sitters won't notice what needs to be thrown out? Our house sitters know very well how to take care of the house. They are home by themselves all day long, and they want nothing more than to make sure everything is alright. House sitting means house sitters are taking care of the trash.

Here is why house sitting and house sitters taking care of the trash actually go hand in hand:

  • You don't need to drive to the dumps: When you leave town for a weekend, you will have already planned out when your house sitter will take out the trash can and put a new trash bag in. And house sitters are usually very punctual when it comes to taking care of house duties.
  • Trash day is more predictable: Trash day is usually scheduled for specific days of the week. A house sitter knows that your trash cans are due to be taken out and to the curb on certain days, and house sitters take care of this task while house sitting.

You don't have to worry about the trash sitting around  if you're leaving before your scheduled trash day pick-up. We would be happy to help out. Contact us today!

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You may be wondering what to do with your mail while you're away on vacation. Our house sitting service can be a great option! We'll take care of getting your mail and packages while you're gone. In addition, our in-home house watchers are willing to watch your house for a nominal fee, and they'll get your mail while you're away too. It's a great option for both short and long-term absences. Having house sitters take care of your mail is one benefit to house sitting. While house-sitting, the house sitter will bring in your mail once a day or more, depending on your instructions for them to do so. 

With house sitters taking care of your mail, you don’t have to worry whether people sent things to your house. When house sitting, house sitters give you peace of mind because they know what mail to bring in and handle it. House sitters know what mail is essential for house owners to ensure that no important items get thrown away or replaced with junk mail. House sitting services that include taking care of the mail is essential, especially for busy people. That’s why choosing the right house sitting company is very important before leaving your property. Good thing, if you need house sitting services in Charlotte, NC, our experts at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking are just around the corner!

Frequent Questions About House Sitting Services is nothing like coming back from vacation to a well-kept house. Our house sitting services at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking include a wide range of duties that are crucial in keeping your home in tip-top shape throughout your absence. If you need one for your property, schedule your appointment and join our long list of satisfied clients in the area!