What water is best for dogs?

Water is one of the main components of the body. This will help us stay hydrated and keep us healthy. Without water, plants and animals will not function properly. Like our bodies, your dogs also need enough water to function correctly. They need to stay hydrated to perform their activities. 

Dehydration is one of our pets’ everyday problems, especially if we are busy working all day and forget to give them water sometimes. Therefore, you need to make sure that you clean and refill your dog’s water bowl daily for them to stay hydrated and healthy. As a pet owner, you must know if your dogs drink enough water daily. Lesser water intake might lead to illness. 

Dogs’ water intake depends on individual circumstances. They should at least drink one ounce of water per pound each day. However, some factors will affect your dog’s water intake, so restricting them from drinking water is not a good idea. Most body functions require moisture, so an adequate supply is needed. Organs become damaged by water deficiency, and if this continues, a big possibility that the kidney, liver, and other organs will begin to shut down.  

There are times that your dog might drink less water. Some reasons might be because they are eating wet foods, they might be in pain or sick, and they feel hot and need some exercise.

What kind of water is best for dogs – tap, bottled, or filtered water? 

Study shows that tap water does not cause bladder cancers in dogs. Bladder cancers to people have been associated with drinking disinfected tap water for a long time. Disinfected tap water has chemicals like chlorine which are known as one of the causes of cancers for people. However, study shows that this cannot be associated with dogs because dogs don’t gulp down a big glass of water, water usually sits in their bowl for hours before they are finally able to consume it, and they don’t take long showers. 

Tap water is safe for dogs as it is also safe for people. Most of the time, tap water is safe for dogs; however, if you live where tap water is unsafe, it is best to consult your veterinarian to help you choose the best kind of water for your pet. Tap water contains additives that keep it safe from bacteria and chemicals. 

Bottled water is often safe for dogs, but this is not always the case. The bacteria in bottled water are being reduced, but it will not guarantee that your dog will not get parasites when drinking it. Some may think that bottled water is a safer choice since it is tap water, but they do not know that chemicals and contaminants that are present in tap water are removed from bottled water. 

If you are currently drinking filtered water, it is safe for your dogs to drink it. Chlorine is used for water treatment, so almost all tap water has chlorine, but the amount varies depending on the location. An activated carbon filter will eliminate the smell and taste of chlorine, making it the best and safest water for your dogs. 

The benefits of drinking filtered water

One of the reasons why some opt for filtered water is because of the removal of unwanted contaminants. There are several kinds of water filters available in the market. The following are some benefits of using filtered water for your pets. 

  • Improves hydration. Pets like dogs are like humans. They also have significant water consumption for the proper functioning of their organs. Filtered water tastes excellent; therefore, pets love to drink filtered water. The more water they drink, the lesser the chance of being dehydrated. 
  • Protection from toxins is also one of the reasons why pet owners opt for filtered water.
  • Filtered water proves to enhance pet health. 
  • Filtered water has less chlorine. Chlorine can cause cell damage. This can also cause difficulty in breathing and coughing. Pets are often more sensitive to the side effects of chlorine. 
  • Tear stains are caused by poor diet and tap water toxins. This is often noticeable in dogs with lighter color fur. 

Tips for keeping your dog’s water bowl clean 

Most pet owners treat their dogs like family. Therefore, they give them extra care and enough food and clean water. It is refreshing for your dogs to have a clean water bowl after a meal and a game of fetch. Your dog’s water bowl is one of the things you must look for days because of the possibility of mold growing in it that will eventually cause sickness to your dogs. 

Washing your dog’s bowl in hot, soapy water daily will help remove dirt. Natural oils from your finger and your dog’s saliva can cause bacteria buildup. Non-toxic soap that is pet friendly is recommended to use. Washing alone will not guarantee that it is already clean. Disinfecting the water bowl is a must. Some molds are not killed by just washing, so disinfecting the bowl once a week will prevent the decay from growing. Using nontoxic products in disinfecting is essential to prevent your dog from being poisoned. Lastly, dry the bowl thoroughly. Ensure the bowl is completely dry before putting fresh water on it. Molds love to grow in damp areas, so it is best to keep the bowl dry before using it again. 

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