What Are the Three Main Things That Pets Need?

Proper pet care is the first step to responsible pet ownership. It’s important to understand that when you adopt a pet, you’re making a commitment to a furry family member whose health and well-being depend on you. Aspirants to pet sitting should be aware of this.

We’ve all heard people refer to pets as “simply” animals as if their significance in our lives were insignificant. These people probably haven’t ever had a faithful dog or a devoted cat, and their statements couldn’t be more false. Most pet owners are aware of the joys of animal ownership and the companionship and lovely bonds that can develop between animals and people.

Fortunately, the extra work that comes with having a furry child at home is more than made up for by the unconditional love and happiness that pets bring into our lives. All responsible pet owners are expected to provide the items on the list below in order to safeguard the well-being of their animals.

Healthy Food

Pets need food that satisfies their unique nutritional requirements, just like people do. Dog meals meet a dog’s dietary requirements, and those of a cat are met with cat foods. Importantly, they have pretty different food requirements. 

A different diet is needed for puppies and older dogs. Special diets may be necessary for pets with health conditions. Most foods we eat, like onions, salt, and garlic are bad for your pet’s health and cause sickness, or worse death. Table scraps for dogs and cats are a big no-no! 

Pets should receive the appropriate amount of food, too. Giving your pet too many treats or overfeeding him might make him obese, which can bring on additional health issues like heart disease and kidney issues. 

To prevent these illnesses, weigh your options regarding pet food. If you’re unsure which foods would be best for your pet, you should ask your veterinarian for advice.

Professional Pet Sitting Service

Pets need to be taken care of when their owners are away. If you plan on going away for an extended period of time, it’s best to hire a professional pet sitting service. This specialized service can give your pet the attention and care he needs while you’re gone. 

So what’s the role of a pet sitter? A pet sitter feeds your pet, takes him for walks, provides him with plenty of playtime and exercise, and keeps an eye on his general health. 

In simple terms, a pet sitter takes care of everything that concerns your pet in your absence. You can for updates while you’re away so you can rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands.

Safe, Cozy Shelter is a Part of Proper Pet Care

Cats are constantly at risk from predators, violent dogs, and cars, so keeping them inside is in their best interest. Many cats appreciate having a covered area of their home that resembles a cocoon where they may hide and feel safe.

For dogs, make sure they are microchipped, wearing identification tags along with your contact information in case something unexpected happens. Registering your pet with Finding Rover is a smart move. 

Water should always be available, as well as shelter. Dogs often appreciate having their bed indoors, and senior dogs, in particular, may benefit from having an orthopedic bed.

When you leave your dog outside for any length of time, they are at risk from predators that can see them as prey. Not only does this happen in extremely hot or cold weather conditions but even when it’s raining heavily and dark as well. 

Additional Needs

Give Your Pets Access To Clean Water At All Times

Pets require easy access to water to survive, just like humans do. Therefore, all animals in your care should always have access to a clean, fresh water dish. Place it near their meal bowl to make it more convenient, and remember to replenish your pet’s water dish at least twice daily. As a result, your pet will stay cool, hydrated, and healthy.

The same thing with your pet fish in the aquarium! Be sure to clean the tank at least once weekly. Failure to do so might result in unhealthy animals and odorous tanks!

Pets Require Frequent Bathroom Breaks

Numerous pet breeds can be trained to be housebroken, allowing them to explore the house without fear of spills. Get at least one litter box for your cats.

During the day, puppies often require a bathroom break every one to two hours. A puppy can usually hold it for the number of hours multiplied by her age in months plus one. A three-month-old puppy, for instance, needs to go potty at least once every four hours. 

You’ll get to know your personal dog’s requirements, but no dog should be asked to “hold it” for longer than six hours. Like elderly people, senior dogs also need to go potty more regularly. Dogs can be trained to use potty pads and doggie doors or to wait until they go for a walk before going potty.

Regardless of where your pet uses the restroom, clean it frequently. Maintaining good cleanliness and sanitation will assist in safeguarding your pet’s health by preventing the buildup of dirt and bacteria. Additionally, your pets will value having a spotless area to relieve themselves.

Pets Require Doctor Visits and Healthy Habits

You should bring your pets in for wellness examinations at least once a year to ensure they are strong and agile. It’s essential to keep up with your pet’s vaccines. Your pet’s well-being is also significantly influenced by clean teeth and healthy gums. 

Take your pet to the veterinarian or animal hospital as soon as you see any sickly signs or symptoms so they can start feeling well as quickly as possible.

Regular grooming is another approach to keeping your pets happy and healthy (if needed). However, for dogs, matted fur can be uncomfortable and unhealthy. Although washes, brushings, nail trimmings, and flea/tick removal may be required for your pet’s health, dogs and cats may not enjoy it.

Professional Pet Sitting For Your Pets

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Our experienced sitters will keep your pets safe and secure while always providing attentive care and love. We understand how important it is for your furry friends to receive specialized attention, so let us ensure your pets are well taken care of. 

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