Charlotte Dog Feeding Service

Pets are often considered our best friends, great companions, and sometimes part of our medications. Some people consider their pets as their family. Therefore, they give them the same treatment and care as their family members. Pet owners who work and do other activities often have problems caring for their pets. Charlotte Dog Feeding Services will help you take good care of your pets while away from home.  Keeping your pets in their natural surroundings will prevent them from suffering stress and protect them from diseases they might acquire outside their homes. Our pet sitters can stay overnight or board your pet to ensure their safety while you are away. 

We offer many different services to please our customers. Walking your pets, giving them companionship, and offering in-home pet services are among the many benefits of Charlotte Dog Feeding Services. Our professional pet sitters understand that trusting someone with your pet and your home is difficult these days. With this, you can visit our office to check our services and license to assure you that we will do a great job taking care of your pets. 

What is a dog feeding service, and how does it work 

Leaving your house is one of the hardest things to do if you have a fur friend. You are not comfortable leaving them behind on their own while you are away. You might be thinking about who will take good care of them and feed them. Worry no more because our professional pet sitters in Charlotte Dog Feeding Services will help you take good care of your pets. 

Our professional pet sitters are well-trained in making pets comfortable. When you go out of town, it is essential to leave your pets at home because they are already comfortable and they know where their food, water, toys, and sleeping spots are, so it is better for you to look for the best pet sitter that can take care of them at home. They provide feeding services for your furry friend to give you peace of mind and give your pet a happy and healthy life while you are away for work or travel. 

A dog feeding service assures you that your dog is adequately fed and hydrated while you are away from home. You can visit us at Charlotte Dog Feeding Services so we can discuss how it will work for you. We understand that we, pet owners, cannot take our dogs with us every time we leave home, no matter how much we want to. 

There are things you need to prepare if you are hiring a pet feeding service. They need access to your home and the food they will feed your dogs. If you are following your dogs’ dietary restrictions, you must inform them ahead of time. Some feeding specialists will provide food for your pets just in case it runs out, but this will cost you extra. 

Pet feeding services include all tasks needed to ensure your pets are adequately fed. Their assistance provides the cleaning and putting away used feeding bowls.  

Pros and cons of using a dog feeding service 

Leaving your precious pets with a stranger is one of the hardest things to do. It is always hard to leave our pets in our homes while we work and travel. Therefore, hiring a pet sitter is necessary sometimes. Pet sitters like Charlotte Dog feeding Services can significantly help all fur parents. They can assure you that your fur babies are adequately fed and hydrated while you are away from home. 

Finding a pet sitter is difficult, especially if you consider leaving them in your house with your pets. You might be asking yourself if pet sitters are safe. Your worries include an ultimate stranger coming into your home and taking care of your pets. But these professionals know exactly what to do and how to feed your dogs. They will ensure that your dogs eat on time and drink enough water to keep them hydrated and healthy. 

If you still have second thoughts about finding dog feeding services, this list of pros and cons might help you decide. Your dogs are anxious without you and don’t bond quickly with strangers, so they might have difficulty eating and drinking while you are away. But pet owners often suggest a trial period to remedy this con. Introducing them to a potential new friend is an excellent way to ensure you will have peace of mind while you are away. 

If you choose to hire professional pet feeding services, you will be assured that they are eating the proper diet they need, they are adequately hydrated, and their foods are well taken care of. 

Different Dog Feeding Services

The following are some of the feeding services offered by professionals. 

  • Sticking to your feeding schedule is always their priority because your pets are already accustomed to their feeding routines. This step includes measuring and giving your pets the right amount of food and water. 
  • Measuring food will be followed, especially for pets with a restricted diet. 
  • Medication for pets is included in the service, but you need to pay extra. Your feeding specialist will give the correct dosage and mix them with your pet’s foods or water. 
  • They must also update you from time to time to ensure that your instructions are followed and that your pets are given the right amount of food and water. 
  • Cleaning the bowl and other implements is also part of their service. They will adequately store them until the following feeding schedule. 

Feeding service will depend on how quickly your pet eats. Involving another task may also take longer for feeding service. A typical feeding of dogs takes at least half an hour. But if the service includes medication, expect the feeding time to take at least an hour. At Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, we have professionals who are highly committed to cleanliness and are experts in doing their job. They will leave your house clean, just like how you left it.