What is Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting? 

Going in for a vacation or having a business trip out of town is undoubtedly enjoyable. This will help us relax even for a day, but for pet owners, this will be stressful because they will leave their pet’s homes. The urgent business trips, even for a day, will leave your pets in either a pet sitter or a pet boarding facility. Not all hotels are pet-friendly, making bringing your pets during urgent business trips more challenging. 

Pets are considered our family. However, we cannot take them every time we go out. As much as we want to always take them with us, there are times that we cannot do that, especially if we go on business trips or urgent seminars and work-related activities. In this regard, we must ensure they are well taken care of while away from home. When traveling without our pets, one of our plans is to know where your pets will stay while you are away. We can either choose pet sitting or pet boarding. Both are popular methods of caring for your pets. However, it would help to consider which is best suited for your pets. 

Our goal is to ensure that our pets are well taken care of while away. We want them to be comfortable while we are gone. Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking is one of the most trusted companies to help you with your situation. Our pet sitting services have gained good feedback from our previous customers. Our employees are well-trained and authorized to ensure that your pets are properly taken care of while their fur parents are away. 

How does pet boarding vary from pet sitting?

Pet boarding and pet sitting are entirely different methods for caring for your pets. But both pet sitting and pet boarding are popular methods of taking care of pets. Here are some of the differences between pet sitting and pet boarding. 

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is often less expensive and less stressful for pets because they will only remain in familiar surroundings. Some pets love to stay home. They don’t like boarding; therefore, it is becoming stressful for them to travel and stay in unfamiliar places. Pet sitters often come to your house at a specific time to feed and exercise your pets. This is an excellent option for pets who might be nervous in unfamiliar places. Most pet owners opt for pet sitting because the pet sitter only focuses on your pet. Pet sitters will spend most of their time playing and interacting with your pets. Your pets will also not have to adjust to their new environment since they will only stay in the same domain.  Staying in the comfort of their homes will make them at ease. A sudden change in the environment may cause stress to pets. 

Staying at home lessens the chance of catching diseases from the environment and other animals. With pet sitting, you can always give instructions on whom your pet should interact with, where to walk the pet, and when is the best time to walk them. Lastly, having a pet sitter will assure you that someone will watch your house while you are away. Pet sitters can stay overnight to care for and feed your pets. Someone will look and notify you if emergencies happen while you are away. However, this will require additional costs for homeowners. 

With all the advantages of pet sitting, it is understandable that this is a bit more expensive than pet boarding. A one-on-one session will be more costly than a group session. Some disadvantages of pet sitting are difficulty booking during busy seasons; some pets do not respond well to strangers; accidental scape and some homeowners have difficulty trusting strangers with their home. 

Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking has trusted pet sitters who can help you with your pets. Our pet-sitting services will take care of your pets until you return from vacation or business trips. We have trustworthy pet sitters you can trust with your pets and property. 

Pet Boarding

Pet boarding involves taking your pets, like cats and dogs, to a facility away from home while you are on a vacation or business trip. Some advantages of pet boarding include socializing with other pets, exercise, a supervised environment, and no strangers coming to your home. 

Socializing with other pets is an excellent choice for your pets; however, this can also be the reason why they will acquire diseases. Pet boarding offers more opportunities to exercise because Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking have ample facilities for playing. Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking also has staff who are well-trained in animal behavior to handle the unique behaviors of boarding pets properly. We conduct temperament tests from time to time to make sure dogs and other pets are friendly and play well. Some pets need to be monitored for their food and medication intake. If your pets strictly follow a proper diet and medication, Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking will help you maintain it. Our staff includes certified veterinarians that will indeed watch your pets. 

With all these advantages of pet boarding, some disadvantages include animal stress, a significant chance of injuries from interacting with other animals, and risk of illness due to exposure to other animals and the environment during transport. Some pet boarding facilities are more expensive because of their state-of-the-art facilities. 

As pet owners, we must consider all the possible things with our pets. Their temperature, health, age, and needs are our primary concerns in choosing whether we should go for pet boarding or to opt for pet sitting. Some pet owners have difficulty choosing between pet boarding and pet sitting. Pet owners must be extra careful in determining which of the two is more applicable for their pets. If you are unsure what to do with your pets while away, you can visit Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking. They have professionals that can help you decide which one best suits your pets.