Is Pet Sitting The New Babysitting?

Pets have always been part of our life. They bring joy to us in different ways. Some consider their pets best friends and companions, and some are even used to treat illnesses. Some think their pets are their babies, so they make sure to take good care of them in every way possible. 

Some people think that pet sitting is just like babysitting. This is somehow true because there are similarities between the two. These two needs to be done by professionals because they have more knowledge about the job. Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking have experts in taking care of your pets while you are away. 

What is a pet sitting, and how does it work? 

Pet sitting mainly takes care of pets in their home while the owner is away. Pet sitters are hired by pet owners who provide daily care for their pets while at work or on vacation. They usually stay in the pet owner’s home to ensure the pet is still in its familiar territory. Pet sitting is not only for cats and dogs. Other pet sitters also care for birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. 

Pet sitting often provides services such as dog walking services and dog feeding services. They are responsible for all the primary care for animals while the owner is away. Providing food and water for pets is one of the most critical responsibilities of a pet sitter. They must ensure that the pets eat at the right time and drink enough water to keep them hydrated. 

Brushing fur and teeth and other kinds of grooming is also their task. Proper grooming will keep your fur babies from acquiring unwanted illnesses. Walking your pets is necessary to keep them healthy, but some pet owners have difficulty doing this due to work-related activities. Pet sitters can also take your dog for a walk every day. Medications are needed for some pets, so pet sitters are often asked to give drugs to pets. 

Pet sitters are also responsible for informing owners when their pets are sick. They are also responsible for bringing them to vets if they are ill or have injuries under their care. Pet sitters are often not required to have degrees or any formal education or training but need to be familiar with the needs and behaviors of pets for them to be efficient. Prior experience is helpful in pet sitting; therefore, it is a must for pet sitters to have a background in pet sitting. Training is not required but a plus factor if you have one. 

Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking has skilled pet sitters who can help you take good care of your pets. They have an excellent rapport with animals. They love spending time with them. That is why they can take care of them. They are reliable and trustworthy. 

Comparing Pet Sitting to babysitting

Pet sitting and babysitting have similarities and differences. Some people think that pet sitting is the same as babysitting because, just like babysitters, pet sitters need a proper understanding of the behavior of the pets to know what kind of help and care they need.  

Some similarities between babysitting and pet sitting include medication. They often need to be given the correct dose of drugs to prevent overdose. They need to be fed at the right time to keep them healthy. Their food bottles and bowls need to be appropriately cleaned to avoid contamination of molds that might affect their health. Their foods must follow a standard to ensure they get the proper nutrition. Babies and pets must be taken to their doctors for immunization and vaccines. 

Differences between pet sitting and babysitting are very minimal. Pets need to be taken for a walk daily to keep them healthy, while doctors don’t recommend that babies be born for a walk every day because they are more prone to illnesses and overcrowded places are unsafe for your babies. 

Benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter

Professional pet care at home will give you fewer worries while being away from your pets. You and your fur babies will get several benefits when you hire pet sitters. These benefits are listed below. 

Benefits for pets:

  • Home is where your pets feel secure. Therefore, it is a massive advantage if they are pet-sitting at home. They are surrounded by familiar things, smells, and sounds. They will enjoy playtime more when they are at home. 
  • It is easier to follow their regular diet at home. Pets that need medical treatments are easier to maintain at home. Pet sitters are responsible people, so in case of an emergency, there is someone who could help your pets.
  • Some pets have trauma in traveling or to unfamiliar places. Their travel will lessen if they have pet sitters because they can stay home. 
  • Traveling will expose your pets to illnesses. Pet sitting is a good idea because they will only be staying at home while you are traveling. 

Benefits for pet parents:

  • Pet owners have peace of mind knowing that their pets have someone that could help them and receive the proper care they need. 
  • Pet sitter knows the proper grooming for your pets. 
  • Transporting pets is often traumatic. If you hire a pet sitter, you don’t need to worry about them being transported from one place to another. Staying at home is more secure for your pets than traveling several times a day. 
  • Asking some of your family and friends to take care of your pets is often challenging because they also have things to do. If you have pet sitters, you won’t be worrying about them while you are not at home. 

Love and care are both needed by babies and pets. If you are looking for pet sitters whom you can trust with your pets, Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking have the best professionals who are experts in helping pet owners take care of their pets while they are away.