How To Find A Good Pet Sitter? What Is A Fair Price?

We only want the best pet sitting services when it comes to our furry friends, but how do we know if we’re getting good value for our money? There are several variables that will affect how much a pet sitter charges. The variations between a few different kinds of pet sitters and the reasons why they charge varying prices are covered in this article. The quick answer is that you have a higher level of dependability and better service quality with professional level service. However, the cost will be slightly higher than other kinds of babysitters.

Additionally, hiring a pet sitter might be far less expensive than boarding your animals if you have two or more. Remember that you might wish to round up our estimated expenses by a dollar or two if you reside in a city. One or two dollars could reduce the costs listed below if you live in a rural location.

Services at a Professional Level

Professional Level services charge the most and provide the greatest treatment.

You won’t have to worry while you are away if you pick a reputable provider. Instead, you can relax knowing that a qualified and responsible pet care professional is caring for your house and animals. This kind of business will concentrate on offering dog walking and pet sitting services.

You will always be covered when you travel since local professional pet sitting businesses will always have a team of sitters on hand. In addition, a reputable agency should, at the very least, have a backup sitter on hand for you in an emergency.

Professional services have a local manager you can get in touch with to help resolve any issues that may arise while you are away from the area. They also have the expertise to help you with the pet-sitting recruitment process. In addition, they can assist you in determining the optimal visitation times and durations for your dogs.

Professional babysitters will visit your home for drop-in visits, typically lasting between 15 and 60 minutes. In addition, mail collection, litter box cleaning, prescription administration, plant watering, wet food plates, cleaning up pet messes, turning lights on and off, and a host of other complimentary services are frequently provided.

You will have the support of a reputable dog walking and pet sitting service at every turn. You feel comfortable leaving your pets in their care since they make sure all of your questions are addressed.

Professional pet sitters go above and above to ensure that their sitters have everything they need to perform well. A lot of policies and guidelines will be in place at professional pet-sitting and dog-walking businesses, and they will put your pet’s safety first in order to provide consistent service.

Cost-Binding Factors

Companies will charge more if their sitters have more years of experience in addition to the overhead associated with offering top-notch home and pet sitting services.

Some businesses pay their employees a fair wage, while others do not. Businesses that charge more frequently pass along more money to their babysitters. Paying its employees somewhat helps keep them on the job longer and gives you and your pets greater consistency.

Independent Contractors vs. Employees

Professional pet-sitting businesses will expand their staff by hiring employees or independent freelancers.

Employers typically charge a little bit more to offset the expenditures and benefits they provide to their staff. However, businesses with workers usually provide better service because they can teach their teams to adhere to standardized procedures.

However, independent contractors are less expensive for the business, so you might be able to obtain a professional service for less money. However, independent contractors are free to carry out tasks however they see fit.

Cost of a reputable pet sitter

The following amounts will roughly cover the cost of daily dog and cat pet sitting visits:

$23 to $28 for a 15-minute appointment

$27 to $31 for a 30-minute appointment

$32 to $37 for a 45-minute appointment

$37 to $45 for a 60-minute appointment

On the low end, hiring a dog sitter will cost between $85 and $90 per day. This would be for three daily visits of 30 minutes each. Therefore, you should budget between $110 and $125 per day if you hire a dog sitter and schedule 4 trips per day.

If you plan one 30-minute visit per day, a cat sitter will run you $27–$31 a day on the low end. You should expect to pay between $54 and $62 per day if you hire a pet sitter for cats and book lengthier visits or two visits per day. Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking is the perfect solution for your pet sitting needs! We offer various services to fit your schedule and your pet’s needs, including drop-in visits, dog walking, overnight stays, and more.

What to Think About When Choosing a Pet Sitter

Finding the ideal pet sitter for you and your pet will be easier if you take the time to consider what is essential to you in one. Consider the following when you evaluate your pet-sitting options:

1. Specialty

Sitters could specialize in particular breeds of animals. Others might only watch cats or small animals, or they might favor little or huge canines. Some people could have a gift for connecting with elderly dogs or be enthusiastic about handling puppies. Inquire about the sitter’s experience with different breeds of animals if it isn’t specified in their online profiles.

2. Location

Whether you want the pet sitter to come to your home or if you’re willing to take your pet to theirs is a crucial consideration when selecting someone. Of course, it’s often simplest to have a pet sitter stay at your house if you have many animals needing attention. But aside from that, it’s a question of taste.

Having a visitor stay over keeps your dog on a schedule and can be less stressful. On the other hand, some puppies prefer socializing with other dogs and may truly enjoy visiting a home where there is a pack to play with.

3. Space

Choose a pet sitter with a home comparable to yours in terms of the layout if you are dropping off your dog there. If your dog, for instance, is accustomed to having a backyard to run around in, pick a pet sitter with a fenced yard. However, leaving your dog behind in another apartment is not a big concern if they both reside in apartments.

4. Health Needs

Does your pet need any medical attention? If so, seek out pet sitters trained in pet first aid, veterinarians, or veterinary technicians. When someone is watching your dog or cat, you want them to be capable of giving them the degree of care they require, such as giving them pills or injections.

5. Communication

While you’re gone, some pet sitters are eager to send you pictures and videos of your pet. Ask pet sitters if they frequently do this or if it’s something that matters to you. Thanks to this communication, you may relax and enjoy your vacation more, knowing that your pet is having fun.

Over the holidays, when there is a greater need for the service, you might spend more for pet sitting. Puppies can also increase pet sitting costs since they require frequent potty breaks daily and at night.

Just keep in mind that being completely open and honest about your requirements and expectations is the best way to choose a pet sitter. By communicating your needs, you’ll be able to leave your pet in the capable, compassionate hands you’ve been looking for.

Here at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, we understand that your pets are family members. We offer various services to fit your schedule and your pet’s needs, including drop-in visits, dog walking, overnight stays, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!