How Do You Find A Pet Sitter?

Things we all do in life keep us away from home for long periods. These activities frequently prevent us from bringing our pets with us. You might travel abroad, attend a wedding, or see a sick family. You must now arrange care for your pet, whether it be for three days or three weeks. But how can you find a pet sitter worth every penny you spend? We have your back at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking! We give you the perfect guide when considering a Pet Sitter for your pet pal.




We’ve put together a list of our top recommendations for qualities to look for in your next pet sitter so you can leave with confidence knowing your pet is content at home with their ideal sitter.


  1. Do they have any prior pet-sitting experience?

The greatest thing to check for is prior experience handling animals, which need not be in the typical sense. They might have merely cared for a friend’s cat, looked after their parent’s dog, or even worked as a vet. All of these result in a priceless experience.

But many private sitters, taking care of pets is typically their source of income. This implies that their credentials, various evaluations and testimonials, and in some instances, the fees they charge will likely be posted on their website.


  1. Do they meet your particular needs?

Choosing a sitter who will meet your and your pet’s demands is crucial. For instance, it’s doubtful that they will have experience caring for your pet hamster if they are an obsessive dog lover.

It’s essential to confirm that they are prepared to travel to your house and will make the necessary arrangements to do so. Don’t confirm a sitter until you’re sure they can arrange the required travel and can stay for your preferred time, whether long-term or just a quick weekend getaway. It would help if you felt confident that they could arrive at your home on time.


  1. Do they have protection?

Are you insured? This is a frequent query from owners searching for the ideal sitter. It demonstrates professionalism to many private pet sitters to have a license and insurance.

Please research to ensure you’re satisfied with what it covers, whether you hire a private pet sitter or a sitter from a website.


  1. Are they reliable?

Remember that you’ll be providing them with your extra keys and counting on them to keep your home and pet secure while you’re away. All the details above are crucial to providing you with the ability to choose whether or not you trust the chosen sitter. But like with anything, trust your instincts if something doesn’t feel right.


  1. Are they able to relate to your pet?

When you ask the questions mentioned above, pay attention to if they show interest and come up with their inquiries regarding the behaviors or traits of your pet. This will show whether they are sincere in their desire to learn about your cherished pet’s particular requirements.

The alarm should go out, though, if your pet appears highly uncomfortable and the sitter doesn’t seem to be handling them properly. A qualified pet sitter will be able to identify your pet’s needs and be able to meet them. For instance, they ought to be aware of when your dog is overindulging in dinner, or your cat has had enough fun. Find someone who treats your pet with respect and affection.



Asking trusted friends, relatives, neighbors, and your pet’s groomer or veterinarian for referrals is the best method to find a great pet sitter for your dog or cat.


Recommendations from Family, Friends, and Neighbors

You can rely on relatives, friends, and neighbors to assist you in locating a pet sitter, just as when you need to find a babysitter for your kids. One of the people you ask for a referral from might even voluntarily apply for the position. If not, they would be more than happy to share the name of a person they now employ to care for their pet.


Don’t forget to use your neighbors’ older kids as a resource. They make a great option if they own a pet or have expressed interest in your pet. They can see or hear if something goes wrong because they live nearby, and their parents will probably keep an eye on them. Not to mention that they might be more affordable than other choices.


Recommendation from your Veterinarian 

Your veterinarian takes care of both your animal and those of other people. In addition to having knowledgeable employees, they probably have a network of local service providers who provide outside services. The doctor or staff may be able to provide you with one or two names of pet sitters they are familiar with and confident in suggesting with just a quick phone call to their office or a short talk during your next appointment.


Recommendation from your Pet Groomer

Your pet groomer probably has connections, much like your veterinarian, inside their network. There may even be a staff member who freelancer, or they may have other clients who pay them to watch their pets to augment their income. Once more, a phone call or brief conversation on your subsequent visit might assist you in locating the ideal pet sitter.


Pet parks and other Pet owners 

Ask other pet owners at the neighborhood pet park where you take your pet for advice on where to hire a pet sitter. They can have a terrific recommendation or volunteer to do it themselves, just like family or friends.


Pet Sitting Associations and Websites 

Pet Sitters International and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters are two professional pet sitting associations. You can discover a certified pet sitter in your region using the pet sitter locators on these websites.



To benefit from the advantages that in-home pet care offers, more and more pet owners are turning to the services of professional pet sitters.

  • Animals are happier and less stressed at home.
  • Regular eating and exercise schedules.
  • Travel-related stress is reduced for both the owner and the pet.
  • Disease exposure to pets is reduced.
  • There is no need to contact untrained or unwilling friends, family, or neighbors.
  • You’ll feel more at ease knowing that a trained professional is taking care of your pet.

Professional pet sitters are precisely what their title suggests. They are professionals. While it may seem sensible to entrust your pets’ care to friends, relatives, or neighbors, professional pet sitters do this as their job and have the training to look after your animals. A qualified pet sitter is indeed an advantage because they:

  • Knows how to customize your pet’s care depending on their unique likes, dislikes, phobias, and routines because they have received training and experience working with many pet personalities.
  • can recognize potentially hazardous situations, avoid them, and, when required, respond promptly and efficiently.
  • has medical administration training and experience.
  • knows how to determine whether your pet requires veterinary care.
  • has a backup plan in case of illness, accidents, or crises.
  • can be trusted to complete every one of your care requests on schedule, every single time.


If you’re looking for the best pet sitter to look after your furry pal, call us at 704-908-6141. Here at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, we give you the best pet sitter that will not only make you feel comfortable leaving your feathered, scaled, or furry pet at home, but they will also enjoy each other’s company while you are away. Visit our website or call us now to find out more!